Why Do Men Lie? 4 Reasons He’s Not Telling The Truth

There are numerous causes in the planet why guys would decide to lie to their girlfriends or wives.  And though lies will occasionally bring chaos to a connection, some white lies can save and even mend a broken relationship.

So why do guys lie? Well, 1st of all, let me make it clear that though we do not want our man to be lying to us, he has valid causes for doing such.  And if you suspect he’s lying to you, it’s better to detect it during the early stages of your relationship with him.

They lie to hide anything

They say that lying just to protect anything is not precisely a lie – but it is not the truth either. Telling white lies is not tantamount to telling a lie, but doing such is nonetheless not being sincere. There are occasions that guys want to lie just to save the connection from falling apart, but doing this is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and for that reason, it is nonetheless tantamount to lying.

The most popular causes why guys lie is when he is out with his pals for a drink and such is against your will. So as an alternative of telling the truth that he went out with his friends, he would say to you that he had some crucial matters to do at a function and that’s why he was not in a position to go residence early.  Guys hate it when ladies nag them for their blunders, so as an alternative of admitting their crime, they would instead decide on to lie.

They lie because they want to

why men lieSo you ask, “Why do guys lie to ladies?” The simple answer to this query is – just for entertaining. There are some guys who, for some causes, adore to make entertaining of their girl and would lie to her only for the heck of it, or he just wants to make entertaining of her. And when you ask him why he is doing it, he would tell you that lying boosts his ego, and that’s why he loves doing it.

Males who locate lying so thrilling are just being immature. They feel good when they lie so they hold on doing it, not only on ladies but to their fellow male species too. These types of guys would adore boasting about their financial status, their productive career, their capability to win a girl’s heart, etc. When in reality – none of these things are true.

They lie because they want to please you

Of all the causes why guys lie, this is possibly, the lousiest cause of all. Although it is good to satisfy your girl, it is not a great concept to lie to her just to make her feel good. Are you considering the things that could happen if even she finds out that you are lying? Do you think this will nonetheless please her?

Examples of this kind of lies are telling your girl she cooks excellent when she is not, and telling her that her dress looks good on her, when the truth is, she doesn’t. Be sincere by telling your girl in a right way that she requirements to boost on her cooking and tell her upfront that she might look much better if she wore other dresses as an alternative. Your girl will even appreciate you for being sincere on her, as an alternative to telling her lies and creating her to think that anything in her is right, yet if it is the other way around.

They lie because they are cheating

Indeed, when a man is cheating, he is lying against his companion due to the fact he was not in a position to hold his promise to remain faithful towards her. However, you have to realize that occasionally, it is not the man’s fault why they cheat. Guys cheat because there are problems inside your connection that you fail to address.  He’s starting to lose interest in you.

Speak to your man and find out why he has done such. Ask him how you could repair these problems and be prepared to forgive him, though you have to make sure that he assures you that such mistake won’t ever happen again.

Females are lucky sufficient to have that inherent power inside them that can tell if anything is wrong or not. So ladies, the moment that you suspect your man is lying to you, do not be afraid to confront him about it.  Sometimes, guys hold on lying to their partners due to the fact they can get away with it. So do not allow your man to deceive you with his lies- act now, just before it is too late.

Commitment is the essential to get rid of dishonesty in a connection. Study him to appreciate the relationship much more. Lying could be a symptom of infidelity. Make sure you recognize the signs that he is cheating.