The 4 Main Reasons Why Men Start Losing Interest

Why Your Man is Heading For the Door!

4 Reasons Why Men Lose InterestCollectively, women around the world can attest to the three date phenomena. It starts with a promising first date filled with nerves and open doors and quickly progresses to a more formal second date with dinner or a movie. However, the chance for a third date is quickly flying out the window as your cell sit in your pocket quiet and unused.

And you think to yourself, “Why hasn’t he called?”

Well, there could be a lot of reasons and, with a little reflection, you can probably figure out why your number has been placed on his blacklist. Here are a few reasons why your new guy might be heading for the door!

He’s Not Physically Attracted To You

No, this doesn’t mean you are overweight or ugly. We all have a type! Physical attraction is a must for all of us and he may be putting distance between the two of you because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. It’s okay to toss this one back in the water! There are plenty of guys out there who will be totally attracted to your body type, beautiful hair, and winning smile.

He Felt Like You Talked Too Much

Go back through your dates and ask yourself, “Did I let my nerves get the best of me?” Sometimes, when women are nervous, they overcompensate by chatting through the date. However, not matter how smart you are, if the other person doesn’t feel engaged, they are going to lose interest. If you have got another shot with this guy, try asking leading questions that get him to loosen up. Follow-up with questions that show that you were listening!

He Feels Like You Are a Victim of Your Dating Past

Most women have dated at least one controlling or possessive man in their life. Breaking up with those types of men is very liberating! On the flip side, many women overcompensate by impressing on their next potential boyfriend that she will not “obey” them. If you find yourself doing to opposite of what your date asks or suggests just for the sake of inserting your own will, it can create a negative experience for everyone. Who wants to be around someone who never wants to share in an interesting experience for the sake of proving a point?

He Feels Like He Has to Walk on Eggshells

First dates should be casual and fun. If you can’t take a joke or display no sense of humor, they probably think that they did something wrong. There are very few things that can turn a relationship cold quicker than a partner who is uptight. For many people, dark humor and sarcasm are ways to keep the conversation interesting. If you are interesting in regular dating you should make sure that you are keeping an open mind. You don’t need to take yourself so seriously!

Obviously, this is a very short list but men don’t often pull away unless they have a reason to feel offended or disinterested. If you feel like the date went well, wait a couple days and try to reestablish contact. At that point, if he doesn’t pick up, it might be time to cut your loses and try better next time!